the dramas r good n awesome too. Alongside shin se kyung the lead actress also acted my little bride though she was the supporting actress. I've only read a few reviews of her past drama like Bride of the Water God. only one word can describe this kdrama : Boring. I can feel you Sharon. Wocky Jan 03 2019 7:14 am It makes the bride of water god..her face always no exprssn... i cant feel her act..sorry but really..same for the blade man. Arihant Dec 09 2017 4:31 am Thus,....and so be it! nagsisi Ako nung Hindi ko pinansin ang airing ng first ep. Please do a season 2. chanyeol_violin Feb 19 2018 2:45 am This drama so far is slow and boring. They are a smitten, playful, flirtatious couple that you can’t help but adore. When I watch this drama. INFORMASI English Heuggisa,The Black Knight,Black Knight,Black Knight - The Man Who Guards Me Episode 20 Episode Type TV Status Complete Duration 1 hr. If I knew they were filming in Slovenia ahead of time, I'd make a trip just to see them from the side. They really tried their best to give justice to their assigned roles. I hope this drama not similar to Goblin .. Mitze Dec 06 2017 5:20 am Dec 19 2017 10:08 pm And I have a feeling that it might be a hit. May Oct 01 2017 8:54 am Beautiful cast, honestly. Looking forward to ep2. Please namlee shipper don't criticise her becoz of BOTWG . But i just don't feel the chemistry between him and Shin Se Kyung. Each episodes shows everything??? Figyelka Feb 01 2018 2:58 pm Tessie Jan 20 2018 1:57 am Gosh~ T_T Another drama of Shin Se Kyung~!!! Can't wait to watch that. She helps out our leading male but mainly sticks around keeping our witchy dressmaker in line… occasionally spanking her. Oh well! it reminds me of 'The package' drama where they shot in such a mesmerizing views. I hope that she would play more movies and drama series. I know that this will lead to a happy ending love story for Haera and Soo-Ho. But i am starting to understand why some people don't like her acting. However, I cannot shake the feeling that this particular show is a waste of this remarkable actor’s talent. On episode 17, Boon Yi wish for him not to die. Lots of female celebrities partner with young guys. Their past life is so touching and sad and the switch to the modern life is equally sweet and appealing. Kudos KRW and SSK and all the actors! She is beautiful & pretty, adorably cute, candid & funny, versatile & emotionally ept switching moods in roles given & a shy, kind, sincere & warm personality! ❤. her character what a Diva this older woman at almost 60 years old what a Stunning Beauty she is living proof Asian Don't Raisin. This drama is a masterpiece. Consecutively Park Sunghoon as Ko Jichul and Jung Jin as Lee Yoonho in Mad dog are here again. Somebody as talented, kind and extremely beautiful like you is bound to be attacked every now and then by jealous, envious people. Embie Jul 04 2019 1:50 pm The female lead is not acting at all. hannamja Feb 16 2018 5:42 am Ceritanya membentang lebih dari dua ratus tahun. The variance in her acting ability is a stunning. Look forward to more ssk & krw scenes. If you’re thinking to yourself “How cool! But there were times that i felt bored and unattached with the characters. So I feel it's okay for boonyi to get killed by Sharon. The director is still a newbie and has no direction and the writer writes weird plots. Suzy's ending is better... Kris Jun 02 2018 10:57 pm Your comments reveal so much about your personality. SSK is really great in acting. After seeing the natural ease and joy that the couple developed with each other the fear based mindset of their relationship in the last episode doesn't make sense. But I really love shin se kyung ? Paddie Dec 30 2017 5:28 am i hate this ending. I love the OST!!! Without her, this drama will be so flat. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me – Ksatria Hitam adalah kisah cinta antara seorang wanita yang sedang menunggu cinta dalam hidupnya dan seorang pria yang rela melakukan apa saja untuk melindungi cintanya. Don't blame her for their break-up. I think their chemistry in this drama are also good. their eyes, the way their speak really feel like from is romantic love story. Lima Jan 23 2018 4:13 am The chemistry btw the to lead is AMAZING ! Annrz Dec 07 2017 6:33 pm Kdrama Dec 17 2017 2:46 am Beautiful series I enjoyed it very much well written and excellent actors especially Kim I hope there would be a second series plz let us know enjoyed it so much. The story is interesting. Zu Zuu Dec 12 2017 12:52 am Afrakoma Feb 09 2018 11:23 am However, love is about pretty in long term, as no one can be pretty forever. I hope she improves in this drama because KIM RAE WON IS MY LIFE. Kim Rae Won is making a comeback, good for him. So ridiculous! They are so relaxed and at ease with each other like a couple that know each other very well and not acting lor. it'sm3 Nov 15 2017 7:14 am John Benedict Feb 10 2018 5:27 am Cra Dec 30 2017 11:26 am It would be great to see Moon Geun Young and Kim Rae Won again. She thinks back to a purple cashmere coat that her parents ordered for her as a Christmas present, but she could not pick up because of their demise. Because she is the only victim. kim bang Jan 09 2018 9:26 pm Sharon no no Jan 29 2018 11:44 am !!!! I was really looking forward to a much happier ending than this? It's not my favorit drama , but really like their costume/outfit. She is happy she is finally away from her. Her loneliness was her own doing and her nature was just repulsive despite her pretty appearance. Has elements of supernatural, eternal life, reincarnation. Unless you know her or she has done something so wrong to you personally, or else there is no reason for anyone to bash or harshly criticize her. Forgot account? Mylis Jan 04 2018 11:20 am Also i can say that she is patient woman. I’m suprised this didn’t have a lot of hype the year it was aired cause I absolutely enjoyed watching it. Halsey Arya Jan 28 2018 9:22 pm Required fields are marked * gem28 February 18, 2018 at 7:23 AM. And to those who keep on bashing Se Kyung, please if u dont like her. Again. Nina Dec 14 2017 11:44 pm let me love you Nov 15 2017 11:10 am Please be a smart netizen. True love to the end, never giving up and forever being there. I am more excited to watch the next episode for "I'm not a robot". besides it had a good review n response in Korea n has done better than its competitors rating wise. SSK's acting is improved a lot but still left behind KRW. I will only watch this probably because of Kim Rae Won because he’s a good actor. I wish her nothing but the best and more dramas with the lead actor! shin Jan 12 2018 8:13 am I hope that there will be a second chance to this drama and to this actors to work again to each other.. Iman Jan 14 2020 4:17 am tears. MINEYOO Dec 25 2017 8:43 am im happy for shin se kyung.. some others says that her acting was not good but then for me shes the best from then till now.. figthing my unnie.. and if shes not good in acting then why she has many offered dramas.. but then shes still a korea's sweetheart.. i cant wait to watch the black knight.. i will watch it because of shin se kyung.. Albert Oct 29 2017 1:15 am And then sharon did her huge sin when she slandered her husband and the rest you know it that in the end she killed them both. Noodle Dec 23 2017 7:44 pm jongin Jan 03 2018 4:06 pm Dec 02 2019 4:59 pm Again one minute Shin Se Kyung's acting becomes so good and another minute it becomes boring again reminding me of what I went through in bride of water god. Please a second series with them reunited! This shooting location of 'Black Knight' is so beautiful. Kimm Dec 23 2017 7:50 am Pi2t Jan 26 2018 10:41 am I hated her in BOTWG I couldn’t finish the drama because of her acting. Love u SSK, Safira Nov 30 2017 7:37 am ShinHaJae Oct 08 2017 8:13 am tine Dec 22 2017 7:27 am I know why you're here. Kim Rae-Won played our reincarnated husband. Sharon's fate originally belongs to boonyi. I'm impressed with the first 2 episodes. I look forward to his heroic feats to save the damsel in distress. And we saw that Jang Mi Hee came to him when he was crying. Dodo Nov 09 2017 7:06 pm take back my words. Laporkan pada kolom komentar jika ada link rusak, atau bisa hubungi via fanspage faisbuk. Terima kasih sudah download Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Sub Indo di Batchindo. Seo Ji-Hye plays our witchy wife and she’s amazing… ethereal, beautiful, and dangerous. tafadzwa Oct 18 2017 5:45 am Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 13 there is an obstacle to their romance , but if it is a weak obligatory obstacle , then let the whole show end faster. I think if you love someone you just happy if the one you love happy too. In this century they portrait, she is very old fashion and cannot accept she will get old, than him. I love that Se Kyung has a personality in this drama! NamLee fans are so stupid Dec 10 2017 9:55 am SSK isn’t a good actor in my opinion. How I wish Baek-Hee character be more firm in her decisions & actions. Writer should have continued in this mode. However, the last episode was too sad to watch and it brought tears to my eyes. Yang seung Goo (sharon assistant) just really stole my attention, so unique, theatrical. Erase Nov 24 2017 1:25 am Very impressive. Love this drama so much......And also the actor Kim Rae Won is so handsome and so fashionable... Marian Dec 11 2017 2:41 pm But I think several actors will make it watchable. Overall Rating – 8/10. Hunter Jan 05 2018 9:08 pm undeniable that they are experienced and A class actor/actress. OMG OMG I really can not hate Sharon's character at all even though she did all those evil things I still feel like they were justified. Ssk acting is good. lot of tears. That's what I do when I don't like the actress or actors. It’s mushy romantic and I loved it. Im not her fan but yes, she's pretty.hohohoho.. Donahmee Nov 17 2017 4:20 pm It has this old,winter and somewhat mysterious vibe to it. zenmamasan Aug 28 2018 11:44 pm Good for her. At the start you feel that it might be boring. Though it's too early to judge but a 16 episode drama that didn't deliver even after episode 2 isn't a good drama. I don't have any issue with all the cast. Sharon it's really obssesed with Soo Ho not love him. Oct 21 2017 9:20 pm Say Dec 02 2017 7:01 pm and while not Goblin levels of fan support,this has potential to reach some of highest ratings this year, Erase Dec 09 2017 12:19 am It has a winter vibe and I love this. Se Kyung is improving and I can see that.

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