If you thought "A Prayer For The Unborn" was bad, wait till you hear his other song Little Invitro. An introduction to a live performance of the song: "What we've got is pretty rare, I think. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Their cover of "Streets of London" (mentioned below) is just as much a. Considine died in California shortly after writing it. Dark City, Dead Man by Cult of Luna. Alec has since proven to be a master at this. And "Guns Are The Tongues", though that's more of the despairing-angry tears department. Also "Safe Upon The Shore", especially when hearing a live performance of it. Even non-Australians can lose it during "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda". The music video, which accentuates the story, was then put into rotation on MTV. The first track is hilarious, the second one is hilarious bordering on creepy, and all subsequent tracks are either. A 7-minute, accordion-lead indie balled with VERY emotional vocals, an extended cello solo, haunting and vaguely Canadian pianos, and lyrics such as this: It's like... orphans boarding a train through Siberia... or something. It's sung from the point of view of the mother who was forced to give him up for adoption. RADIO.COM. "The '59 Sound" by the Gaslight Anthem. ', a couple getting into a car accident on a rainy night, leaving the main character in a wheelchair and killing his romantic partner altogether, an old man who lost his sister when he was younger coming across a raven many years later, leaving him to believe that his sister has come back to him reincarnated as that bird, trying to reconnect with her family via a letter to her brother after having having been isolated from everyone for so long, Halfway through the video, she suddenly snaps and starts making a mess of everything she tidied, and a shot of a newspaper thrown on on the floor reveals why there's no one else in the house: "FATHER AND TWO SONS KILLED IN SCHOOL SHOOTING", direct translation of "okusenman" is "110 million", but it means "countless", and thus "Omoide ha Okkusenman" is "Countless Memories", met a girl he knew in his childhood aboard the train, growing up and parting with friends we had, with only, and yes, it is one of those things which get more tear-jerking as we grow older, because it's a song about growing up being sad compared to childhood. that is designed to make you cry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7SCkq1qzdk. Production music starting at $5. The Gary Jules version of "Mad World" can make one awfully quiet and introspective. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. The version with the lyrics "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom", delivered in a melancholy tune, can really do it. ", "Daddy's Little Girl" by Frankie J, made even worse by the. Single M seeking single F. Single F replies and sends a photograph. Memorial address (which is rumored to be about her father). "Just Like Anyone" for anyone who's ever lost a friend to suicide. Martika's "Toy Soldiers". Ivri Lider's "Jesse". Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. "A Walk In The Light Green/I Was Only Nineteen" by Redgum. What secrets did they know? Songs like "The Water Lily", "The Bush Girl", and "Reedy River" can be especially heartbreaking. "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" The former is riddled with 50 minutes worth of tear-jerking material, including tracks like, "Tong Hua (Fairy Tale)" by Michael Wong. "I Will Wait For You", written by Michel Legrand for. "Semi-Charmed Life" can be as well, even being an incredibly upbeat-sounding song, as the whole thing is essentially about crystal meth addiction "I'm scared but I'm not coming down./And I won't run for my life/She's got her jaws just locked now in smile/But nothing is all right.". Particularly "King's Crossing". Furthermore, it's not necessary for music to have lyrics in order to be sad. "Pyro" by Kings of Leon, despite its title, is pretty melancholy. single M never shows up. It's the opening theme of AIR. The song starts off with the protagonist confronting his love interest through her apartment window. "Rosas" tells the story of a young girl who meets and fall in love a man, they have a relationship but one day he just leaves, she just keep waiting for him to reapear in her life with a bouquet of roses. "without you I'm not superman at all" or "I don't know what I've done to make this heartache mine, I want you to love me for who I am til the end of time. It's the imagery combined with the lyrics that does something to your heart. Ocassionally, we all need a good cry, and movies can provide that. A song about the sadness of losing a beloved person. "Fiddler's Green," a dying sailor's vision of Heaven. The Hall & Oates cover feat. "Tell Me There's A Heaven" by Chris Rea, a sad song which can either be interpreted as a song about Child Abuse, Death or War. It becomes a sad, And "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" especially the line "I see angels on Ariels in leather and chrome/Swooping down from heaven to carry me home...", Ah that's a fine moment. Ne-Yo's song "Never Knew I Needed" from the, As well as "So Sick", "Time", "Go On Girl", and most of the second half of. "Boy Soldier" by Johnny Clegg, especially the chorus. "Taion" by The Gazette, especially during the chorus. Badly Drawn Boy's "Minor Incident", especially in the context of the film, can really get to one. The rendition by the Browne Sisters, singing it more as a lullaby... it's very sad. Massive tearjerker! "Soldier" by the same band also qualifies, especially the video, about a girl named Melissa with arguing parents. Finding out it was written about 9/11 makes it even sadder. Since other works of media generally have a soundtrack, it would only be natural for songs that can make you cry to show up there. A brief explanation of what the song is about: It's World War One. It's a painful reminder of the pain of that loss. (Actually, this type of song was the premise of the band.). In fact, the whole damn album is sure to move someone in some way. "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay", by Otis Redding, both in terms of the song being recorded just days before his untimely death and the song itself. Lorrie Morgan's cover of "My Favorite Things" isn't really tearjerker, but, "L.G. "Bronte." Here's a. "Cherish (Ai Otsuka)". Most of the songs from the Gundam 00 soundtrack, including "Friends", "Love Today", "Prototype", "Trust You" and "Tomorrow". Having just said their final goodbyes to their fans all over the world, the song was intended as a, One might even argue that Westlife's Farewell Concert in its entirety was a huge, There's just something about Underworld's ", USSR made a song called "Bronezhilet". The final line of the song, especially in the original version, drops all pretense. The passion behind "Might as Well Be Strangers" is another one, definitely. While one may originally find the song to be heartwarming... the feeling can became rather depressive upon learning the song was in rememberance to the deaths caused in the 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings. There's an old soldiers' song, called "Only Remembered" — recorded by various folk artists, including Coope Boyes and Simpson and John Tams. Fort Minor's "Slip out the Back", particularly the ending. Beautiful song about, The Caroline's Spine song "Sullivan" is about. Most anything by Jeffrey Foucault can make some people tear up. The vocalist seems to begin tearing up at the start of the song. The whole song is heartbreaking, and that line is the culmination. ", Kim Richey's A Place Called Home, especially if you've watched the. Wrabel's "11 Blocks." Aaron had written me a note in high school about our friendship that I had always carried around in my wallet, and still have to this day that I used to read whenever I was feeling down and out. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Most songs by Rebekah Ann Curtis are tearjerking, but. The song is an apology to the unborn child of the narrator, which was aborted. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas. "All of Me" by John Legend is a beautiful yet poignant love song played entirely on piano. A painfully honest song about the inevitability of death, with not the slightest crumb of comfort. Moxy Früvous is half a peppy, quirky, Canadian folk band. Chihiro Onitsuka's "castle.imitation", mostly due to its capacity as the end theme to. Almost any song using the words of a Henry Lawson poem. "Falling" by Alice in Videoland is very sad. Perhaps, "beautiful" is not a comparable word. And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust... Saying "One day we'll meet in the clouds...". ANYTHING Mark Schultz has done. However, "Another Hero Lost" is just heartwrenching. It's so sad because it's about how the whole point of the horse's life is the Triple Crown races, especially the Kentucky Derby. "Somebody else not me" by Duran Duran is even more sadder if broke with your boy/girlfriend. "And the license said you had to stick around until I was dead, "If everything is a lie that's made to look okay, "The voice of my father, still loud as before, "Just so you know, just so you know, I never thought you'd let me go. The other half of their songs will rip your heart out. The lyrics to the bridge include such gems as. A slow, a capella rendition of "One Tin Soldier" might do it. This did not sit well with the band. Oh and the waitress he's been argueing with the whole song? Bear in mind, however, that this is Jack Steadman's usual singing style, and so does not necessarily contribute to the mood of the song. YMMV about the "average quality" part, the original (sung in Neil's purest choirboy alto) is just as heart-wrenching. Download our mobile app now. Notably. How about "Origin of Love"? https://ew.com/article/2016/05/27/best-romantic-tearjerkers-movies These songs will surely make you cry. Depressed yet? I need to do a compilation of the saddest songs I know, so please help guys!!! Dec 05 2011. It starts "So later that year, the bodies came home to Dover wrapped up in flags and lined up in rows" and ends with "we did the math,it wasn't worth it after all.". Frankie kicked a mine the day that mankind kicked the moon. Not very well known, but "The Beaches of St. Valery" by Battlefield Band is a heartbreaking WWII song. by City High. There is a good reason it's the opening theme to. Beyoncé’s version of the song is no slouch in that department either (skip to 1:15). --Gwendolyn Freed. Rob Thomas's "Now Comes the Night." Would they call us friend or foe? The 10 best classical music tear-jerkers. "Midnight Radio" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, especially at "All you strange rock and rollers... you know you're doing all right!". "In Our Bedroom After The War." Think what you like about her as a person, listen to the album thinking of how it's being sung by a woman who never knew her parents, had a shitty childhood, suffered from substance abuse, and had. It's the kind of music to turn off your mobile and isolate yourself from the world for a while. The song "Era en abril" ("It was in April") of Argentinian singer Juan Carlos Baglietto, where he describes a man and his wife's pain and attempts to cope with the loss of their stillborn son. It interprets the lyrics as a little imaginative girl who grows up and leaves behind her imaginary friends. [[, Rancid's "Otherside" - A tribute to Lars's brother. This song can affect someone who has either been suicidal or knows someone who is (or was). If you ever manage to hear it on the radio while driving, be sure to pull over before the bridge starts. Shadows Fall is not really a band you'd expect this from. Interestingly enough, we were shooting a video for a song about a funeral and the hope we have of Life after death. No words, just subdued moaning in tune with the guitar melody. After a few beers on a winter's evening "The Broad Majestic Shannon" will also start the waterworks. Bill DiFilippo Twitter Associate Editor. How many boys are lying here? Watch a commercial called "Giving" created by Thanonchai Sornsriwichai for the Thai phone company True Move. it's about the band members' dead loved ones. The. The decent performances here feature music by Chopin, Puccini, Donizetti, Tchaikovsky, and others. "Comptine d'un autre été ; L'après midi'' by. "The Hill", however... just listen to the lyrics, and the emotion in her voice when she sings them. Quite a few of the works of Dan Fogelberg qualify. "If the world ends/I hope you're here with me/I think we can laugh just enough to not die in pain...", "A song is born". Try listening to Joe Strummer and Johnny Cash dueting on "Redemption Song" and remaining dry-eyed. They realized that if their music could have such a profound effect on their fans, that they could do something to help suicidal listeners, and when they went on TRL to premiere the video, they essentially turned their segment into a suicide prevention PSA. Forget about me, I'll remember you". "Please tell me you know/I've got to let you go/I can't help falling/out of love with you.". To add to the last point, the famous whistling at the end of the song was completely improvised. Sarah Slean sings two of these. As they await the day of judgement, the man is revealed to be, When the British Coldstream Guards who normally protect the Royal Family played '. 3000 Feet by Assemblage 23. Jay Foreman, "Martin Was A Monkey". Unkle's got quite a few, but especially "Burn My Shadow" and ". "You'll Never Walk Alone" being sung at Anfield on anniversaries of the. Five for Fighting's "Superman", cliche or not, can also get some people choked up during it. Bodies pitched in ditches, singed and bludgeoned, Burned the children in the ovens by the dozens, Burned the witches in New England by the coven, They burn the different ones, so clutch your cousins close, 'Cause such is life, it's cuts and strife, stitches, punches, knives and hungry crows, And we won't stop this terror sticking flowers in the barrels of their rifles, And when they think we'll fold and wave that bright rag, We'll wipe the blood up with the white flag, They say we're different and they're fillin in the facts, But they put the same metal in the bullets, And they put the same bullets in our backs, Ain't no God that I pray to would wanna kill, It's not God but it's fear and it's politics, And a Molotov that was lit with a dollar bill, It may feel like God went north and left you to be, This is the end of everything we know, my darling, Such safety finds us Trembling lambs environed by wolves, Now we play love songs at spots in the city. The first location we shot at was a bridge called Deception Pass, which was the bridge where Aaron took his life, 6 years earlier on almost the same day. "Welcome to Heartbreak" and "Coldest Winter" from 808's Heartbreak. And they realise who Charley, George, Patrick and James really were. the lyrics, when translated, is generally happy and is a love song, but set to this video. It's sadder if you know the story. "Lover Dearest" by Marianas Trench is based on an assignment lead singer Josh Ramsay did while he was in rehab at age seventeen, where he had to write a love letter to heroin to demonstrate how important it had become to him. But Richard can play. Jorja Smith will host a special Radio 3 series called Tear Jerker.
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