Glazing bar

Between-glass type of bar

installed permanently inside the glass set. Available in various coulours and width: 8mm, 18mm, 26mm, 45mm. The minimum distance between glass panes for this type is 12mm.

Stuck-to-glass type of bar

made of the same material as the window, it can have various shapes and colours, stuck to glass from both sides. Good looking from a distance, but when one takes a closer look, the glued side of the bar is visible from the inside of the glass set, which may not look esthetically.

Vienna type of bar

along with the bar stuck on the outside, a blind bar (duplex) is installed inside of the glass set, which makes it look as if the window is divided into smaller pieces. Bars available in width: 20mm, 24mm, 30mm.

Constructional bars

are window’s constructional elements and are made of the same material, of the same colour. They split the glass into separate, smaller parts. For example, a balcony crossbar is considered to be a bar of this type. Bars available in width: about 60mm to 100mm (depending on the used system).

Put-on type

are ornamental elements in wooden windows made of foamed PVC. They can be put on the one side or on both sides of the window, without the necessity of its division and using the Vienna type(duplex). Available width 28mm, 45mm, 65mm.