Roller shutters

External roller shutters (both top-mounted as well as standard external) are a great means of protection against sun, rain and other weather phenomena. In summertime additionally they prevent against overheat of rooms, while in wintertime they reduce the loss of heat. Important to notice, windows with roller shutters improve the acoustic effeciency, which significantly lowers the level of noise in the rooms, ensure intimate athmosphere and the prolonged time of breaking into apartments and houses makes the inhabitants feel safer.


Integrated roller shutters



Standard external roller shutters

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RKS roller shutters


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Agat+ company also offers different types of roller shutters providing additional protection for windows.

External roller shutterare a part of building elevation and protect it against external factors, including inclement weather conditions and intrusion of unwanted visitors.

Advantages of external roller shutters:

1. Protection of windows against unfavourable weather conditions.

2. Energy-saving – reduce heat losses in winter and heat gains in summer.

3. Perforated slat ensures perfect ventilation.

4. Acoustic protection.

5. Increased privacy.

6. Protection against acts of vandalism and housebreaking.

Types of roller shutters