Integrated roller shutters

This type of roller shutters is combined with PVC, ALU and wooden windows as a single unit. Perfect solution for integrated assembly of windows with the shutters. This additional protection can be practically invisible, since there is a possibility to match colours of a shutter box and guide rails to the window.

Roller shutter box made of durable PVC is provided in the following sizes:

  • VegasReno System (16,5cm, 20,5 cm,)
  • BeClever System (16,5 cm, 20,5 cm, 24,5 cm)

Heat penetration rate of the box is from 0,7 to 1,1. Integrated system comes with aluminium V39 and V45 slats filled with polyurethane foam of high density, while colours of V37 PVC slat may be checked in “VERTEX” company’s catalogues. Integrated system also features a full range of manual drives and electric motors.

External roller shutters



BeClever system is based on three sizes of boxes (BC 16, BC 20, BC 24), which are chosen based on the height of the shutter’s slat. All types of the boxes feature the same width of 255 mm, therefore upper component and all lower elements are exactly the same in all types of boxes. Capacity of a box may be increased owing to different types of front profiles, which are identical from inside and outside. If the boxes are not to be entirely built-in, surface of the front profile is white and smooth. However, if the customer decides to built-in the profile, its front part will be mounted reversely. External cream surface is horizontally fluted and the shutter is additionally equipped with aluminium AA00 angle profile – an element supporting the wall.

Technical data:

BeClever system is tailored to all types of both plastic and wooden windows. It may be achieved owing to the intermediate profile of the box – PC00, which is mounted directly on the upper frame of the window. Basic roller shutter box then snaps on the intermediate profile.


Types of profiles V37 V39  V45
Profile’s height [mm] 37 39  45
Profile’s thickness [mm] 7,6 9 9
Number of slats per 1 m of height [szt] 27 25 22
Weight 1m2 [kg] 2,8 3 3,5
Maximum width of the roller shutter [m] 2,8 2,8 2,9
Maximum surface of the roller shutter [m2]  6 6  6,5

BC 16 roller shutter box is intended for PF10 profile, BC 20 is designed for PF20, while BC24 box will be fitted with PF20 profile and integrated PF30 profile. Front profile may be mounted in the box in two ways.



BeClever CBR folder EN





Vegas Revo system of integrated roller shutters comes with a number of innovative solutions ensuring easy assembly and comfortable daily operation. Vegas Revo is a new choice for people looking for modern solutions at affordable price.

The system was designed owing to long-term experience and guidelines of experts in windows covering business. All needs and requirements of the market are combined in our devices.

We provide a system created by experts for other experts: architects, builders, manufacturers and distributors of window covering systems.