Windows cleaning and maintenance

Frames should be cleaned with warm water combined with traditional cleaning and polishing products. It is not recommended to use scouring powders, metallic brass or any other solvent based cleaning products.

Lower horizontal elements of frames and sashes are fitted with special grooves for precipitation water drainage, which should not be covered. Foil protecting frames and sashes should be removed not later than 3-months after the assembly is completed.

Seals are made of EPDM plastics resistant to aging and unfavourable weather conditions. It is recommended to preserve seals using silicone oil (it is marketed as a preservative intended for car seals maintenance).

Window panes are made of float glass. Dirt should be removed with warm water and traditional cleaning products used for domestic purposes. Panes should be protected against mortar and corrosive substances which may cause unwanted chemical reactions in the glass surface and stain a window.

Our windows come with adjustable multi-point hardware manufactured by MACO company. This type of fittings provides stronger bond between frame and sash, improves tightness and protects against powerful winds and rainstorms.


PVC windows manufactured by AGAT+ company are very hermetic. To ensure the optimum level of air circulation, window users should intensively ventilate their rooms for brief periods of time. All tilt-and-turn windows come with a special fitting which may be set in “unsealed” position.

Fittings must be secured against mortar. To reduce any operational resistance, fittings should be subject to regular maintenance. At least once a year, all movable parts should be cleaned, to remove dust or wall fragments, and smeared with some grease (e.g. industrial-grade petroleum jelly or universal oil).