RKS roller shutters

Type of roller shutters favoured by architects and construction companies. Thick polystyrene RKS lintels reinforced with steel bars are mounted during building construction stage. Sides of the lintel are covered with Suprema boards. Available are three sizes of shutter boxes built into the lintel above windows: 24,5 x 25,0; 30,0 x 30,0; 36,5 x 30,0, as a ready-made product with side covers and anchors or as divided, 6-meters long components. Built-in roller shutters come with all types of manual and electric drives adjusted to standard roller tubes, as well as sophisticated electronic devices increasing the comfort of use. “VERTEX” provides full colour range for ALU slats and a variety of painted and raw guide rails.

Technical details:

Options A [mm] B[mm]
245 250
300 300
365 300


Standard RKS roller shutter comprises of:

  • Styrofoam shutter box built-in under the lintel with side covers;
  • Supports – simple support and angle support with bearings;
  • Octagonal roller tube: 60 mm;
  • Winding wheel with fixed axle;
  • Roller tube penholder with fixed axle 60 mm;
  • Tape’s loop: 22 mm;
  • Flush-mounted tape coiler: 22 mm;
  • Guide rails PU29



Profile size V37 V37 V45 VX45
Profile’s height [mm] 37 39 45 45
Profile’s thickness [mm] 7,6 9 9 10
Number of slats per 1 m of height [szt] 27 25 22 22
Weight 1 m2/kw [kg] 2,8 3 3,5 3,5
Maximum width of the roller shutter [m] 2,8 2,8 2,9 3,5
Maximum surface of the roller shutter [m/kw] 6 6 6,5 8,5