Entrance door

Used mainly as an entrance into commercial premises, flats, apartments, houses – installed in the external elevation.

• Entrance doors are durable and resistant constructions designed to sustain various weather conditions. It ensures perfect stability of a door during its life-time.
• Aluminium entrance doors are offered in a wide array of colours of RAL palette, woodlike paintings, anodised and in special colours (structured surfaces)
• Aluminium entrance doors can be made in many options: opened outward, inward, single and double door or with more sections; with traditional or modern patterns; with full glass, partial glazing or without glass, the filling can be plain, carved, ornament panels – infill or overlay.
• Various kinds of glass can be used in entrance doors, among basic glass-units there are: safety-glass, coloured glass, ornament, reflective glass and others.Equipment:
• Standard: low aluminium threshold, double handles, locking gear with one or multi- point locking, three surface or groove fitted hinges.
• Options: automatic door seal (sealing bar falling from the leaf bottom), brushes (lack of treshold), tube-handles, additional lock, overhead door-closer, electric strike, electric lock, electric access control (e.g. numeric keyboard) and others.

• Entrance doors in aluminium may be included into sets with adjacent windows in the same system.
• Powder coating ensures the durability of the colour for many years and does not require maintenance.
• High acoustic and thermal isolation.
• Classic and elegant looks.

• All window-door systems.