Folding doors


Used on many markets in residential housing as well as commerce, in external constructions, as terrace doors. Folding system gives good possibilities of original space arrangement. Closed folding doors is an aesthetic glazed surface, and while opened it may provide direct access to a terrace or a garden.
Folding doors are used most commonly in hotels, restaurants, shops and private houses, any place where there is the necessity of opening the whole wall surface in order to create more usable space.
The system is also used in winter gardens as the element which folds altogether for the summer time.
It’s a great alternative for separation of a swimming-pool from the garden. Closed in the winter, it serves as full thermal isolation for swimming-pool users, when opened in the summer gives opportunity to fully enjoy the open space.

Bottom trolleys

A Hinge on the front

Top slide


Doors made with the window-door profiles, with possibility of folding.
Window threshold  (frame type) or the low one (depends on the system)
A trolley moves on the doorstep (mechanism of the folding sash guides), which takes the whole weight of the moving parts.
It can be made of 2 to 8 sections, depends on the needs.
Opened (folding) inwards or outwards (depends on the system).

Standard: Door handle from the inside
Option: door handle with a key or with cylinder-lock on both sides

-saving space inside the room
-spacious entrance when doors are draw apart to the full
-available in many opening and folding options- depends on the needs

-sash size restrictions
-thermal properties

-in most of aluminium systems

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