Partition walls

Partition of internal space into smaller rooms and “boxes”.
Used in offices in adaptation as well as modernisation.

– aluminium walls
– single safety glass (laminated or tempered)
– doors without a doorstep
– possibility of joining walls in the angles 90 and 135 degrees

Standard: door with surface hinges, handles both sides, single lock
Option: whole-glass door with fittings for glass, no frame walls (only clamp bars and dilatation space between glass sheets), closers (including the in-floor installed)

– easy and quick partition of large rooms into smmaller, to a customized shape and surface
– possibility to use the walls and the whole-glass doors (the clamp bars only on the top and bottom), that will make the room look “lighter”
– any colour to choose for the aluminium elements

– low tharmal isolation – cold profiles for internal use

– dedicated aluminium systems