Dutch frame windows

Dutch window is a typical window frame joinery used in Dutch market in residential housing in new as well as renovated buildings.

Deepened, 4-chamber frame profile 115mm and 74mm deep sash allow for using steel reinforcement and ensure high stability and excellent protection against heat waste and noise. As an option, the frame may have the additional 20mm rebate on external side.
2-pane glass-units are used as the standard, and 3-pane glass-units as an option.
Outward opened windows and doors with Dutch frames have a reversed frame or a special reversing profile is used within the opening of the frame.

Standard: multi-point locking fittings with, standard aluminium handle
Option: handle with a key

–    74mm deep sash enables glass-units wide up to 45mm, and allows us to reach high values of thermal efficiency.
–    made on  profiles with white or cream-coloured cores

–    difficult for cleaning in outward opened option

Made on:
Dedicated uPVC systems.