English windows (outward opened)

English windows (opened outward) is a typical system of windows frame joinery used in British and Irish areas. It is used in housing industry in new buildings as well as in renovation of older buildings.

Swing window (hinged) and turn with the function of cleaning the wing from the outside – “easy clean”-when the window is open to 90 degrees you can wash the glass from the outside without having to leave the building in a safe and easy way. Frames connected with posts by moulding in the so called V or Y way.

–    possibility of opening outward as well as inward
–    very good tightness of a window (the wind blows on the sash from outside and presses it to the frame);
–    does not take a room’s space (allows for using e.g. an internal sill);
–    available in many opening options – depending on a user’s needs;
–    interesting functionality of windows;

–    impossible to use tilt & turn opening
–    difficult to clean a window from inside of a room (concerns side hung windows)

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