Renovation frame windows

A popular solution in France. Used in residential housing in external constructions as windows or balcony and terrace doors.

Renovation frame allows for mounting new windows without disassembling old frames. The method is often applied in historical buildings and prevents damages of elevation. Lowered frame does not reduce significantly the visible glass surface in a window, despite keeping the old frame.

Standard: multi-point locking gears, standard aluminium handle.
Option: handle with a key
As a standard we use 2-pane glass-units, and 3-pane glass-units as an option.

–    no need to pull out old frames
–    using the special renovation frame with the so called  covering strip, that conceals the old frame and creates the characteristic band from inside, and from outside a special inclosing profiles can be applied.
–    covering strips can vary enable covering 28 to 50mm
–    quick window replacement thanks to avoiding some of finishing works.

–    limitations in dimensions of a sash

Dedicated uPVC profiles.