BAY – BOW WINDOWS are windows are a solution that is found in England, Ireland and the USA. What is charateristic, they are made of three or more parts with various dimensions and in the patter e.g. with the bigger middle window is adjacent by two smaller ones detached from the wall by the angle 25 to 45 degrees. Advantage of such solution is the looks, the visible landscape of the surrounding, e.g. a garden or a street, and the side opened windows are a good ventilation means. Such windows have a big beautiful sill inside and the furnishing on the top, outside very ofrten with decorative elements, they are made as one solid item, connected together.


  • width of the frame is 95mm and width of the sash is 58mm
  • glass-units apply with thickness 26 to 36mm in two or three panes of glass
  • windows are painted in any opaque colour (the paints branded SIKKENS) according to the palette NCS or another tranluscent colour branded TECKNOS
  • species of wood: pine glue laminated

Standard equipement:

  • aluminium drip ALURON on a sash
  • standard white colour RAL 9003 both sides
  • scissor type hinges with EASY CLEAN function
  • opening blockade – a resrictor
  • handle branded IPA in the silver colour
  • foam sealing branded Q-LON in the frame
  • sash sealing TRELLEBORG


  • handle with a key
  • hande with a button
  • installation holes for screws
  • undercut for an external sill
  • possibility to choose glass-units with enhanced burglary resistance, ornament glass, reflection glass, safety, noise-reducing and many more
  • internal glazing bars between-glass, sized 8-45mm
  • glued-on lead glazing bars
  • glued-on glazing bars sized 30 mm on both sides, in the colour of a window
  • constructional mullions (it divides a window into the specific number of fields, that are glazed seperately)
  • air-inlet
  • restrictor of opening
  • possibility of painting in double colours


  • solid and durable structure of a window
  • it is a great lighting of a room
  • unbounded possibilities of arranging the space by the window.