CASEMENT WINDOWS are traditional English windows opewned outward, made in a few ways, depending on requirements and type of locking gear, pressed additionally by the wind pressure, they allow for arrangement possibilities and comfort in usage.

Thanks to the outward opening we gain on space, that we can plan in more effecient way.


  • width of the frame is 95mm and width of the sash is 58mm
  • glass-units apply with thickness 26 to 36mm in two or three panes of glass
  • windows are painted in any opaque colour (the paints branded SIKKENS) according to the palette NCS or another tranluscent colour branded TECKNOS
  • species of wood: pine glue laminated or meranti
  • Standard equipement:
  • aluminium drip ALURON on a sash
  • standard white colour RAL 9003 both sides
  • scissor type hinges with EASY CLEAN function
  • openig blockade – a resrictor
  • handle branded IPA in the silver colour
  • foam sealing branded Q-LON in the frame
  • sash sealing TRELLEBORG


  • handle with a key
  • hande with a button
  • installation holes for screws
  • undercut for an external sill
  • possibility to choose glass-units with enhanced burglary resistance, ornament glass, reflection glass, safety, noise-reducing and many more
  • internal glazing bars between-glass, sized 8-45mm
  • glued-on glazing bars sized 30 mm on both sides, in the colour of a window
  • constructional mullions (it divides a window into the specific number of fields, that are glazed seperately)
  • air inlet
  • restrictor of opening
  • possibility of painting in double colours


  • solid and durable structure of a window
  • more of day-light
  • they work in practice in difficult climate condition, when the sash is pressed to the frame by the wind
  • unbounded possibilities of arranging the space by the window.