SIDE HUNG – it is a type of windows used in residential housing in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and England, in new buildings as well as in modernisation of those, that already exist.

It is an opened window, opened outward, equipped in a blockade, that prevents against uncontrolled close.

Characteristics :

  • depth of frame 110mm and 120mm with aluminium cladding (ALUCLADS)
  • sashes are equipped in a handle or hooks
  • glazing bead made of expanded plastic in the case of the white colour NCS S 0502 Y
  • glass-units apply with thickness 26 to 36mm in two or three panes of glass, with the aluminium cladding glazed in 36mm glass-units as an option
  • windows are painted in any opaque colour (the paints branded SIKKENS) according to the palette NCS or another tranluscent colour branded TECKNOS
  • species of wood: pine glue laminated
  • possibility to manufacture a one sash window 890mm wide by the maximum height 1190mm
  • possibility to manufacture a one sash window 1590mm wide by the maximum height 1290mm

Standard equipment:

  • aluminium drip ALURON on a sash
  • hooks branded IPA colour silver, hook safety catch IPA
  • hot-dip galvanised hinges: IPA
  • foam sealing branded Q-LON in the frame
  • sash sealing TRELLEBORG


  • handle branded IPA colour silver, safety catch branded SPILKA
  • handle with a key
  • handle with a button
  • milling of a groove for furing
  • aluminium cladding branded ALURON
  • installation holes for screws
  • undercut for an external sill
  • possibility to choose glass-units with enhanced burglary resistance, ornament glass, reflection glass, safety and many more
  • internal glazing bars between-glass, sized 8-45mm
  • glued-on glazing bars sized 30 mm
  • structural glazing bars sized 60mm wide
  • air-inlet branded SPILVENT, width 30 and 50mm
  • possibility of painting in double colours
  • imitation of archs in sashes

Advantages :

  • solid and durable structure of a window
  • more of day-light
  • very good tightness of windows (wind blows on a sash and presses it to a frame)
  • unbounded space inside a room (allows to use e.g internal sill)
  • sash can be opened on the whole width of the frame
  • possible to make windows with a few sashes



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