Wooden folding door


Folding door are a great alternative for traditionally opened terrace doors or sliding doors (tilt&slide or lift&slide). They allow for optimum arrangement of the space, especially in the situation of the need of fully opening the usage space, because the make it possible to gain the paggage as wide as 6000mm without any posts dividing the space. Therefore it performs very well as a wall that seperates e.g. a garden from a swimming pool or a restaurant. However, the biggest advantage of this door is the used material, as the natural wood it is made of gives it an exeptional charm and stands out from other products.


  • depth of frame 68mm
  • fittings Siegenia
  • acceptable dimensions: width from 2000mm to 6000mm, height from 2000 to 2600
  • door made of window-door profiles, with the possibility of folding
  • sliding-folding fittings with upper trolleys – in this solution the bottom frame is 100mm
  • sliding-folding fittings with the bottom trolleys – (frame is 100mm thick on the top and 135mm on the bottom)
  • window treshold (type frame)
  • wooden glazing bead
  • glass-units apply with thickness 26 to 36mm in two or three panes of glass
  • windows are painted in any opaque colour (the paints branded SIKKENS) according to the palette NCS or another tranluscent colour branded TECKNOS
  • species of wood: pine glue laminated
  • depending on the needs, the door may consist of 2 to 8 folding wings.
  • Opened (folded) inward or outward.

Standard equipement:

  • aluminium drip ALURON on a sash
  • hinges Maco
  • 2 seals on a wing
  • wing seal Q-LON


  • handle with key
  • handle with a button
  • both sides handles with a cylinder-lock (in the active wing)
  • installation holes