Down opening roof window

Wooden window opened and closed with use of elegant handle installed in lower part o the window. Mostly recommended when the window has to be installed higher, for example, because of high knee wall.


We recommend this window when the window has to be installed higher (like high knee wall). New, two-round ventilation, offered as a standard, guarantees flexible ventilation, even when the window is closed.

Main functions

Lower handle

New, galvanized ,smooth handle put in the bottom, was designed as to make it easier to open and close windows that are installed high. To clean the window you should rotate it  180 degrees and insert the bolt that blocks the frame. Now you have both hands free.

Two round ventilation

Two round ventilation cause home to breathe even with closed windows. Click one or twice to adjust the amount of air let in and breath with fresh and clean air, day and night.

Filter withholding insects and dust

Embedded air filter prevents penetration of dust and insects, making it healthier. Filter can be easily cleaned.


This new window was energy optimalised thanks to innovative insulation materials, it ensure warm and cosy atmosphere, using less energy.

Other elements are additional gasket, ensures tightness, and laminated glass, increases safety. New, galvanized bottom handle is perfect for installed high windows.

Main functions

ThermoTechnology™ and additional basket

ThermoTechnology™ construction with additional gasket is a smaller energy bills and also effective barrier against wind and cold.

VSG glass

Laminated inside glass enable secure games, sleep and work. If the window will be break with a strong hit, it won’t smash and drop out.  It’s the ideal solution that ensure extra safety and order.


Enjoy with unlimited panoramic view.

Centre-pivot window gives the choice of the window opening.

It is the best choice if you want to gain extensive view and feeling that you are on free space.

Main functions

Embedded ventilation

Allow the air to enter in, without opening the window and take care for healthy climate in rainy days. Unusual, VELUX integrated ventilation flap let the air in, even when the window is closed.

Panoramic view

Roof window opens on top hinges to 45° degrees, provides additional space for head and unlimited view to the world below.

Double opening

Centre-pivot window with wide gradient gives a possibility of choosing top or lower type of opening.