Wooden doors

Entrance door is not only a showpiece and a decoration of each house but also one of the most significant elements of window door joinery. It is also safety and protection against uninvited guests.

Door is an investment for years, therefore it should be matched to individual needs of the users and stay in harmony with the object, both in the colours, technologically and in the style.

We offer wide array of models to choose from, that differ not only with colours, glass or finishing, but also with performance characteristics. There are available one or double-wing doors, that may be additionally extedned by side or top fanlight sections, all by individual needs of our clients.

Wooden door made of natural wood are better in many ways than doors made of PVC or aluminium, because they made the house look characteristic and unique. Moreover, its important features are good heat efficiency, noise reduction levels and high security level. All our doors are featured by high quality and proffesional manner of manufacture.