Drzwi dymoszczelne


Smoke control doors are an inevitable element for multi-family residential buildings and for public utility buildings. Smoke control are mounted in staircases and corridors that are long over 50m, tunnels long over 500m. Therefore they are mounted most commonly in corridors of schools, hospitals or office buildings, on the communication tracks.


The construction’s class of smoke resistance (Sm, Sa according to the norm PN-EN 13501-2:2005) depends on many factors connected with its construction as well as with the type of montach in the wall. In order to meet the proper norms of smoke resistance, specially selected profiles are used within the given system (aluminium shape section – in so called „A” variety) and properly selected elements, among others treshold sealings, special rebate gaskets.
To gain the smoke control class, also certain dimension limitation are imposed, e.g. regarding the width of a door leaf.


Standard – handle both sides, one point lock, a treshold.
Optionally – reverse electric strike (on an additional lock), no treshold (especially in internal doors)


Dedicated aluminium systems